Frame Brow Pencil

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A long-wearing, smudge-resistant brow pencil that helps to create the appearance of naturally lush, beautifully defined brows.

0.09g / 0.003 oz

Brows have the ability to frame the face and visibly lift the eye area, so give them the curves they deserve with our newest brow innovation. This unique pencil features a long-wearing, smudge-resistant formula powered by Magnolia Oil extract that glides on smoothly and effortlessly. You’re in full control, so depending on how daring or demure you want to go, set your expectations high—and your arches even higher.

Why It’s Different:

FILLS IN ARCHES: Allows you to draw natural, hairlike strokes with minimal effort.

FRAMES FACE: Well defined brows can act as a frame to the face and define your most flattering features.

ADVANCED FORMULA: Long-wearing and smudge-resistant means brows stay perfectly defined all day.



Frame Brow Pencil
Frame Brow Pencil