I have some really exciting news I wanted to share with you all. I am making a change in my life – EVER Skincare. EVER is conscious skincare – ingredients that are botanically-powered, non-petroleum minerals, and derived from natural sources found on Earth. No harmful synthetic ingredients, no cancer-causing chemicals, and no hormone mimetics that may affect estrogen levels, fertility, or breast cells.

Yes, those very scary chemicals can be found in many of the highly popular, billion-dollar skincare brands currently on the market. EVER is disrupting the beauty industry with its mission of carefully-formulated, good-for-you products that can still deliver clinical grade results.

Organic Cosmetics - Vegan Make up - EVER Skincare Products 

Have you EVER thought of what chemicals you may be putting on your face every single day and night with your face wash, moisturizer, or eye cream? You normally try to purchase safe soaps and detergents for your children, read labels on food items, buy organic fruits and veggies when you can, and avoid toxic household cleaning products, but have you thought about your skin care products? Try taking a look tonight at the ingredients listed on the back of the packaging. Surprised as I was?

Follow Strict EU Standards

EVER is more than just amazing skincare. It’s a forward-thinking company that believes in transparency for the consumer and in creating safer products that you can feel good about. It has a high EWG (Environmental Working Group) rating and follows strict EU (European Union) standards for safe products. It is a company with principles and ethics that are in line with my own mission for safer products for my family and me. And they are going beyond skincare – they are currently developing a whole line of other health and wellness products…

 Rumor is that EVER will soon be launching COLOR! Yes, cosmetics! Woo hoo! I cannot wait. I’ve been using all of these wonderful skin care products from EVER, but then feeling a bit concerned about the toxic makeup I may be putting on afterwards. Now, everything we put on our face – from cleanser and moisturizer to lipstick and eye shadow – will be safer and more natural.


Never EVER Ingredients

Here is EVER’s “Never Ever” List of Ingredients.

EVER Skincare Products Ingredients - Vegan Skin Care - Organic Cosmetics I have been using EVER for 4 months now and am in absolute LOVE with the products. I’ve seen the positive changes in my skin, and even better, I feel really great about what I’m putting on my face everyday. I love the products, the EVER community, the company and its mission, so much that I recently decided to become an EVER Specialist. In future posts, I will be sharing with you each of the products in detail and why I love them.
Luminous and Rebalance Cleansers - Ever Skincare Promotions

 Ever Skin - YouthFul Quattro Peptide Face Eye - Discount

Revive and Sublime Eye Creams - Ever Skin Products Online

Ever Skin Care - Hydralift Overnight Cream and Gel - Buy Online


Our CEO Jessica Herrin

Who is behind EVER? Jessica Herrin. After joining two successful tech startups right out of college, she went to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where, at the ripe age of 24, she co-founded the world’s leading wedding website, WeddingChannel.com, now known as theKnot.com. Shen then created the jewelry company Stella & Dot out of her living room, which she founded with a vision to create a new kind of company that could help women solve the modern dilemma of achieving success and balance through a career you love. It’s a company with a great A+ reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Now, she is doing the same with EVER. In this video, she describes her mission with EVER.

“It’s more of a community and a mission, than it is a company.”

Ever Skin Care - About - Founders - Marketing Team


Our Dream Team

Here are a few other amazing powerhouses with EVER:

Christin Powell – Initial VP Product of Development. Christin was previously head of Research and Development for Perricone MD, where she launched some of their most successful skincare products. After being diagnosed with skin care, Christin was determined to create safer skin care products. This led her to co-found the revolutionary Juice Beauty, a highly popular, California-based, organic beauty line, which she later sold to Gwenyth Paltrow. Her extensive research into the healing properties of the Magnolia Officinalis plant led her to invent  LSR10™, a patent-pending complex of three powerful molecules, scientifically formulated to combat the signs of aging and keep skin looking youthful, and found exclusively in all EVER products.

Paula Floyd – VP of Sales and Field Development. Paula is well-known in the beauty industry. She was one of the very first 8 people at MAC Cosmetics, and transformed it from a small startup into a billion dollar brand. She has done the same at Bare Minerals, Benefit Cosmetics, and Urban Decay.

Ani Hadjinian – General Manager. Ani was the former GM at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She spent the past 10 years working alongside and learning from the brilliant beauty brand innovators at The Estée Lauder Companies.  While at ELC, she worked in various functions – including New Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Brand Management across multiple brands.

Here is the full list of the talented women who make up EVER’s Dream Team.

I can’t wait to share more about EVER with you!

As Paula Floyd said, you may not have heard of EVER just yet, but she is confident that this will be the next billion dollar brand.


Learn more by checking out my EVER website: www.everskin.com/with/drjanet

or email me at everskindrjanet@gmail.com



Ever Skin with Doctor Janet Nguyen


Here is a sneak peak below of my personal, hands-down FAVORITE product from EVER…

“Liquid Gold” Cellular Renewal Oil

“Liquid Gold” Cellular Renewal Oil

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