Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale

Namaste! In April, our EVER team was a premier sponsor for the The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale, which is South Florida’s largest yoga event. It was a wonderful opportunity to present our award-winning, anti-aging, plant-based skincare and beauty products to the yoga community. Our ‘clean beauty’ products are a perfect fit for an event that promotes health and wellness. Indeed, there is no better place to share ‘conscious skincare’ than at a celebration that encourages all forms of consciousness – mind, body, soul, AND earth.

Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale

Master teachers travel from around the world to join local instructors in this one-of-a-kind celebration. This one-day event brings together the South Florida yoga community and offers a wide variety of 50-minute classes in seven different indoor studios. There are dozens of classes to choose from, offering every style of yoga that you could think of. The Yoga Expo is for everyone – young and old, beginners and advanced, and children too. There are also meditation classes, for both beginners and advanced, as well as mindfulness workshops.

Each year, the yoga expo brings new classes, teachers, and some amazing brand partners.

The Yoga Expo’s new leader, Arianne Om, is a local South Florida yogini with a yogi heart and business mind. The organizer is Amy Reinstien. These ladies put together an amazing event. There were over 5000 attendees this year!

The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale 2018, Broward County Convention Center, EVER Skin

You can feel the high energy and positive vibes everywhere at the expo. Live music can be heard throughout the convention center. There are even aerial yoga shows being performed throughout the day. This mega event attracts a diverse crowd of people from all walks of life, who come together to share their love of yoga and to experience the numerous health benefits that yoga has been shown to provide. The connectedness between all the attendees is palpable.

The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale 2018, Broward County Convention Center, EVER Skin

 The Yoga Expo strives to inform and empower the community with lifestyle choices that are healthy for the mind, body and soul. It also aims to promote businesses and products that are not only health conscious, but environmentally friendly as well. The expo seeks to raise awareness about the critical preservation of our planet’s valuable resources and to encourage attendees to help make a difference within our community.

The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale 2018, Broward County Convention Center, EVER Skin

The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale bridges eco-conscious consumers with options to support a sustainable lifestyle by making them aware of some amazing eco-friendly companies and products at the Marketplace. There are dozens of vendors and exhibitors at the Marketplace offering everything from yoga apparel & accessories, vegan foods, organic beverages, artisan jewelry, organic soaps, and other good-for-you products to help you stay happy and healthy.

The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale MarketplaceThus, the Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale was the perfect venue to share our vegan, cruelty-free skincare and beauty products. EVER is a relatively new brand that just launched in 2015 and has already gained a tremendous and loyal following. EVER products do not contain harmful chemicals, carcinogens, or hormone disrupters like many of the other highly popular beauty brands on the market.

We follow strict European Union (EU) standards for safety and have a very good Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating. The media has been buzzing about our amazing botanical-based products that are safe, yet can still deliver the visible, transformative, anti-aging results that consumers desire.

It is truly beauty without compromise of health. We had a great time at The Yoga Expo informing yogis about the dangerous chemicals commonly found in other beauty brands. We enjoyed spreading the message of EVER’s mission for ‘clean beauty’ and advocacy efforts.

EVER Skin Booth at Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale 
Yogis Sharing Their Love for EVER

Pictured above are Mymi of Mymi Photography Artworks and friend sharing their love for our clean beauty products.

There is an amazingly feel-good energy at the event. You leave feeling refreshed and renewed, conscious and aware, inspired and enlightened.

To explore our award-winning, good-for-you, plant-based EVER skincare and beauty line, visit our online store.


To learn more about The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale, click here.

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