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Hand-loomed Turkish towels from Wanderluks

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is in a few short days! I was chatting with my girlfriend the other night about our upcoming Thanksgiving plans. We ended up exchanging funny stories about our quirky in-laws during past Thanksgivings, and we had each other laughing so hard. I mean, who doesn’t have a crazy story to tell about their relatives or in-laws during the Holidays?

So, I decided to share a quick story below about my mother-in-law from last Thanksgiving, and I wanted to hear all of your funny stories! Everyone could use a great laugh or two, right? Laughing is always a great stress reliever, especially during the hectic Holiday season. Thus, I decided to make this a fun and easy contest for everyone. So, whomever submits the funniest Holiday story (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s) about their family, relatives, or in-laws will win the two gorgeous, hand-loomed Turkish towels from Wanderlüks, pictured above.


Wanderlüks offers beachwear, accessories and home goods that evoke effortless elegance. Their textile products are loomed in Turkey from the finest natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, wool and bamboo using centuries-old hand craftsmanship. The result is comfortable, functional pieces that deliver affordable luxury and relaxed glamour. The lightweight, compact, versatile towels, scarves and cover-ups are sure to become your beach chic, travel and everyday essentials.

Even better, the owner of Wanderlüks is a sweet mommy friend of mine. It’s always great to support other women, and other mommies. #womensupportingwomen. Be sure to check out their website here.



To enter this contest, simply submit a quick story to either, or even as a comment below this post. Winner will be announced on December 1st! Let’s share a good laugh!


So, here’s my short story…

Last year, we had my husband’s parents over for Thanksgiving weekend. I stayed up late the night before chopping and prepping food, and brining the turkey. A short five hours later, my 18-month-old twins had my exhausted self up early at 5 a.m. I battled with them for 90-minutes to get them to eat their breakfast. I then passed the little monsters off to my husband and hit the kitchen to make our Thanksgiving feast. After sweating and slaving all morning over a turkey, a ham, and five side dishes all by myself (well, my husband may have helped peel a potato), my hungry mother-in-law approaches me for the second time to ask when the food would be ready. I reply, “Just 15 more minutes for the turkey, Moooommmm.” The ham and side dishes were done. And mind you, it was only noon. It wasn’t like I was making everyone starve into the late afternoon. I turn around and walk upstairs to get the babies washed up and ready for our Thanksgiving meal. When I came back down stairs, I found her already halfway through a bowl of $0.50 ramen noodle soup. Ramen soup. Ramen. Soup. Just. Couldn’t. Wait. I wanted to shoot myself.





3 Comments on “Holiday Contest with Wanderlüks”

  1. Kat

    Haha, oh man, just couldn’t wait. How frustrating!

    The first time I went to my in-laws for the holidays, his mother asked if there had been a lot of traffic on the way there. He answered “yes” at the same time as I answered “no”.
    I looked at him like he was crazy and said “There were 8 trucks on the entire drive here!” And he replied “That IS a lot of traffic around here.” LOL

  2. Katherine S

    One Thanksgiving, my dad decided to take his four kids and father to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. My poor stepmom stayed behind at home to cook our Thanksgiving dinner, but perhaps she was happy to have all of us out of her hair so she could cook in peace. One of my very favorite places in the whole world is New York City during the Holidays. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city and took in the sights and sounds including the beautiful and sparkling decorations. The parade provided hours of entertainment including the ginormous floats, the Radio City Rockettes and all. By the time the parade was over, most of us were starting to get a bit hungry. My dad has always enjoyed the previously famous Carnegie Deli so he decided to take all of us there to eat on the way home. If you have ever eaten a sandwich there, they are about the size of your head. ? No kidding. Of course, by the time we got home that evening, none of us were even remotely hungry to eat the beautiful and delicious dinner that my stepmother had slaved over all day. Needless to say, she was quite upset. And when I think about it to this day, I can’t remember if I was too hangry, too young and immature to realize or if I was doing it to spite her (I do have a great adult relationship with her now). But my dad and grandfather should have known better and just got everyone a snack. Ooops. Happy Holidays all! ????

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