Cobalt Blue Pleated Maxi Dress

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Cobalt Blue Pleated Goddess Maxi Dress from Banana Republic

Pleated skirts and pleated dresses – whether midi-length, tea-length or maxi-length – are a very popular trend this year. It’s a style that is actually very wearable and timeless, and thus won’t feel super trendy. Pleated pieces have many benefits. They are Flattering, Feminine, and Flowy when in Motion.

The Goddess Dress from Banana Republic is available in petite sizes

Cobalt Blue Pleated Maxi from Banana Republic

Cobalt Blue, Pleated, Double-Split Goddess Dress from Banana Republic

Double-Split Maxi Allows for Maximal Movement and Breathability

From classic Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly to modern-day celebrities and fashion models, women have long embraced this style.  They recognize that pleats are flattering and photogenic.  Thus, pleats can be seen everywhere from the runways to the red carpet. The pleated texture adds modern shape to any silhouette, while still remaining unstructured, so that the pieces will drape flatteringly over any body type – petite or tall, thin or curvy.

The "Goddess Dress" from Banana Republic is available in petite sizes

The “Goddess Dress” from Banana Republic is available in petite sizes

There’s nothing more ladylike than a dress or skirt that has pretty pleats. Pleats create softness and femininity to any piece, and can instantly take an outfit from average to enviable. In my opinion, wearing a light and airy pleated piece feels special.

This maxi dress, called the “Goddess Dress,” is from Banana Republic.  They are currently having a sale, and all regular-priced items are 40% off with the code BR40. Original price for this dress is $148, but I got it for $89 with the sale.

Update (09/01/16): The dress is no longer available in Cobalt Blue, but has just been restocked in black and can be found here.

The dress is available in black, marine blue, and cobalt blue. Although black and marine blue are selling well in stores, I instantly fell in love with the cobalt blue when I saw it. We sometimes tend to stick to the safer, more neutral colors for our wardrobe, but occasionally taking a risk on bold colors can definitely pay off.

If you don’t live near a Banana Republic store, here is a comparable V neck Pleated Midi Dress that is available online. It is available in navy in petite sizes, as well as a beautiful cosmic teal in both regular and tall sizes. The design and fit are very similar to the V neck Pleated Maxi Dress in this post.

Cobalt Blue Goddess Dress from Banana Republic

Pleats Create a Ladylike Silhouette

The dress is petite-friendly. With heels on, it fit me perfectly and I did not have to have any hemming or alterations done, which is not usually the case with maxi lengths.

Similar to the maxi skirt in a prior post, I love double-split maxi’s over single-splits, as these allow much more movement and breathability.

Pleats may not be the most desk-job-friendly, as the wrinkles from sitting down can spoil a pleat’s line. However, when seen in motion – from walking down the street to wafting through a waltz – they have a beautiful three-dimensional quality that an A-line or pencil skirt can never claim.

Pleated "Goddess" Maxi Dress from Banana Republic Petites

Elegant With Just Enough Leg

For summer, pair a pleated skirt with a simple tee or tank and sandals. When the temperatures fall, it’s an easy transition to autumn when paired with a chunky knit and a pair of flats or pumps.

These timeless skirts and dresses never go out of style.

The "Goddess Dress" from Banana Republic is available in petite sizes

Off to do some shopping…

Shoes are Steve Madden’s Stecy, ultra-feminine and available in many different colors.

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  1. Niqui

    I LOVE this dress!!!! In fact, I was just about to just online to get it until you mentioned it isn’t available! Bummer!!! You look gorgeous in this color!?????

    1. Janet

      Hi Niqui! I’m so glad you like the dress! It is definitely available at Banana Republic stores throughout South Florida, so you can call your local store if they have your size in stock and they’ll hold it for you to try on. It would look fabulous on your figure! xoxo

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